The popularity of wood products has been phenomenal, and their popularity is expected to continue throughout the year, providing home owners with a variety of wood window treatments that will add a warmth and depth that only wood can provide.

Wood products often include dark pigments and strong grain patterns which appear randomly throughout the wood. These are especially visible in products finished in light colors. Slight variations in color, as well as minimal warpage, may occur. These are all natural tendencies that occur when dealing with wood products, and are considered acceptable.

K & M Window Fashions offers Wood Blinds in 1" and 2" slat sizes, the most popular of which is the 2" slat size. When opened, it provides a more open view than the 1" slat size. These blinds are available in a variety of paint and stain finishes that work with any decor.

Wood Blinds are available with two options that will tilt the blind. One option is a wand tilt and the other is a cord tilt. The cord tilt is the more traditional of the operating mechanisms and was used in colonial times. The wand tilt is a more contemporary mechanism that works well on smaller blinds.

Wood Blinds are available with a decorative cloth tape. This option is an upgrade and is more expensive than the standard, which is a cord ladder similar to what is found in mini blinds.

As above, faux wood blinds are every bit as charming as their counterparts and come with the same options, but are not wood. These faux woods can be used in areas of high moisture like the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, even in the garage and still give the same desired look of wood, but will not warp or peel.


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